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Cold Blood

Three virtuoso dancers use only their hands to create a tender and humorous story that is filmed live in front of an audience.

Cold Blood is a remarkable live, feature-length cinema-dance show. It’ll make you smile, laugh, and gasp in amazement. It’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

A drive-in movie, a war-ravaged city, a space station. An old-time, Fred and Ginger-style tap routine. A night at the ballet. All conjured using an elaborate miniature film set, some tiny props – and a cast of dancing hands.

Brussels-born dancer and choreographer Michèle Anne De Mey and Belgian film maker and playwright Jaco Van Dormael collaborate to create a live film before your very eyes – a journey through time and space, through the mind of a woman balanced on the brink of life. Cold Blood is about seven deaths, but it is a celebration of life – of the senses, of the final moments of light, and of the unexpected memories at the moment of passing. 

With three virtuoso dancers using only their hands, and a crew of film technicians capturing the intricate choreography, exquisite tiny sets and evocative lighting – all projected on a giant screen above the live performers – Cold Blood is a poetic exploration of the miniature. It is poised between tragedy and comedy, tenderness and humour, where fingers intertwine then relax, caress each other then depart. Featuring magical visual creations alongside music by Schubert, Ravel and Gorecki, David Bowie, Janis Joplin and Nina Simone, this is no ordinary night at the theatre. You may never look at your hands in the same way again!

Magic happens. It is absolutely and undeniably charming. - Le Devoir

almost impossible to describe in any way that does it justice - The Scotsman

Introduction in the Bistro at 6.30 pm ahead of both performances

When 9 – 11 December

Where Idun, Umeå Folkets Hus

Price 60 - 290 kr

Genre , Dance, Performance

Length ca 1 hour, 15 minutes

Organizer Norrlandsoperan och Umeå Teaterförening


Original idea Michèle Anne De May & Jaco Van Dormael
Created in collective collaboration with Grègory Grosjean, Thomas Gunzig, Julien Lambert, Sylvie Olivé, Nicolas Olivier
Choreography Michèle Anne De Mey & Gregory Grosjean
Direction Jaco Van Dormael
Sound Design Dominique Warnier
Stage Management Nicolas Olivier
Music George Frideric Handel, Antonio Vivaldi, Arvo Pärt, Michael Koenig Gottfried, John Cage, Carlos Paredes, Tchaikovsky, Jacque Prévert, Ligeti, Henryk Gorecky, George Gershwin

On tour

Artists Jaco Van Dormael/Harry Cleven, Michèle Anne De Mey/ Manuela Rastaldi/Frauke Marien, Grégory Grosjean/Denis Robert, Gabriella Iacono/Nora Alberdi, Julien Lambert /Juliette Van Dormael/Tristan Galand, Aurélie Leporcq/Charlotte Marchal/Pierre de Wurstemberger, Ivan Fox/ Aurore Leduc, Stefano Serra, Giacinto Caponio/ Nicolas Olivier/Yann Hoogstoel
Music Boris Cekevda / Benjamin Dandoy
Production Hélène Dubois/Astragales ASBL
Head Technician Thomas Dobruszkès

Thursday 9 December

19:00 - Idun, Umeå Folkets Hus

Friday 10 December

19:00 - Idun, Umeå Folkets Hus

Saturday 11 December

16:00 - Idun, Umeå Folkets Hus


Ordinarie: 290 kr

Scenpass: 230 kr

Student / 19 - 26 år: 180 kr

Pensionär: 180 kr

Barn / Ungdom 3 - 18 år: 60 kr

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