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Hoota (English, Swedish subtitles)

Brother lost 

How much are we willing to sacrifice for our own survival and to save those closest to us?

Amer Hlehels international success ”Taha” was incredibly well-recieved by audiences and reviewers in Umeå in the autumn of 2020. Now he's back. More relevant than ever.

Bassel is charming, humble and good-hearted. An ordinary man living an ordinary life. Until everything changes. His brother disappears during a civil war and Bassel is tasked with finding him. The search leads him on a harrowing journey, confronted with moral dilemmas, choices and situations previously unthinkable. The audience travels alongside Bassel and is present during each difficult choice he faces.

Hoota, written and performed by Amer Hlehel, is a story about human creativity in her struggle for survival. Amer Hlehel has been lauded and awarded for his ability to combine the most serious subjects with passioned commitment and delicate humour. Hoota is directed by internationally celebrated director and playwrite Amir Nizar Zuabi. Through his direction, the play sheds light on uncomfortable truths - how we compromise our humanity and morals to save ourselves and those closest to us.

"Hoota" is performed in English with Swedish subtitles.

Suitable for audiences aged 15 years or older.

Stream the entire 2020 performance of "Taha" at

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When 27 November

Where Studion, Umeå Folktes Hus

Price 85 - 170 kr

Age restriction 15 år

Genre , Theater

Length 1 hour, 10 minutes

Organizer Umeå Teaterförening, ABF

Text: Amer Hlehel
Director: Amir Nizar Zuabi
Lighting: Muaz Muhammad

Cast: Amer Hlehel

31 May – 1 Jun


6 Jun

En blågul cabaret

15 Jun

Spelman på taket

3 Sep

Circus Baobab - Yé!

9 Oct

VUXENLEKAR - En standup om att inte vilja bli stor

1 – 2 Nov

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