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Efter tystnaden / After the Silence / Depois do silêncio

In a remote part of north east Brazil, where the dust is always present and water a luxury, lies a society of great inequality. For a long time, land has been seized from the farmers through violence and has taken, and still takes, many lives.

This is the story of two sisters, their connection to the land of their birth and their relationship with their father, a farmer and activist who gave his life for justice.

There are only three actors and a musician on stage, but After the Silence (Swe: Efter Tystnaden, Por: Despois do silêncio) is an experience of totality. The audience is engulfed by voices, music and all of nature’s sounds as the story flows seamlessly between the silver screen and the stage, between past and present. It shifts between fiction and reality and the situation for first nation populations, and emotionally between hope and despair.

Based on the award winning novel Torto Arado by Itamar Vierira Junior and directed by one of Brazils most famous directors Christiane Jatahy, this show is a unique blend of theatre and film that is only happening in four Swedish cities.

When 4 – 5 December

Where Vävenscenen

Price 125 - 250 kr

Genre Film, Theater

Length 2 hours

Organizer Umeå Teaterförening, Umeå Filmfestival

On stage: Gal Pereira, Juliana Franca, Caju Bezerra, Aduni Guedes
On film: Inhabitants from the villages of Remanso and Lúna, Chapada Dimantia
Production: Riksteatern, Cia Vertice de Teatro, Axis Productions
Presented by: Umeå Teaterförening and Umeå Film Festival

31 May – 1 Jun


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